Sunac Fancy Foods

Sunac Fancy Foods’ menu celebrates all seasons, different cultures and fresh food with a progressive approach. We believe the best tasting foods are whole foods grown ecologically and respectfully. Almost everything is made from scratch with the same love and care we show in selecting our ingredients. We believe in supporting sustainable agriculture as well as aquaculture. All of our meats are naturally raised. Sunac’s fish is wild caught. A large quantity of our produce is grown in the tri-state area. We are proud to support as many local farmers as possible and are members of Slow Food USA and the Chef’s Collaborative.

Farmer’s Market

The local Farmer’s Market operates every Wednesday from 8am – 6pm July 10 through November 27. The market features a wide range of local farm products and offers free cooking demonstrations, raffles, and the opportunity to mingle with neighbors as well as the farmers who grow the food.